About Our Book Club

What We Believe

  1. Today’s children need real books.We love technology and how it benefits our lives. However, today’s children will spend their entire lives in a digital world. There are valuable educational and social lessons that are learned when a child can slow down, put the gadget aside and experience a real book.

  2. Reading shapes a child’s personality.A child who is read to and reads books is more likely to do well in school and many areas. They become a productive, interesting and reasonable adult.

  3. Creating Experiences with books is a gift to your child.We have dozens of amazing picture books, useful media and reading activities to help parents, educators and childcare providers create productive literacy activities for children. We want to provide children with books that will add real value to their education and social development.

  4. Now is a Golden Age of family reading. It is important to dedicate time to read books to your kids to help them start the reading habit. It creates a stronger bonding between parents and children. The best time to start reading is now!

  5. Preserve Cultures and Improve Literacy.Our goal is to create a platform that goes beyond a single online bookstore by providing Cantonese online courses and local social events to the community across the States so that we can preserve Cantonese Cultures.





About the Owner

I’m a busy working mom who is a native Hongkonger and moved to the States years ago. I started the Cantonese Book Club for Kids in 2019 after realizing that many Cantonese-speaking families are hunger for Cantonese learning resources and platforms during the pandemic.

The Cantonese Book Club is my passion and life’s work. I love engaging with the children’s book authors, illustrators, children development counselors, educators, caregivers, and especially CHILDREN. As a teacher and a designer, I understand that parents and educators wanted to maximize the valuable reading time they spend with children. I hope our Cantonese Book Club provides fruitful resources for parents, teachers, and children who wanted to learn Cantonese.