Food超人點讀筆 進階版 (廣東話+英語+國語) Reading Pen with book set 2 (Cantonese, English, Mandarin)

Food超人點讀筆 進階版 (廣東話+英語+國語) Reading Pen with book set 2 (Cantonese, English, Mandarin)

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Food超人點讀認知圖鑑 Reading Pen Set (Cantonrse, Mandarin, English)


Suitable for age 4-8  

產品包括 Product includes:
    1本 - 繪本 (Picture Book)
       1枝 - Food超人點讀筆 (Reading Pen)
       1張 - 字母表 (Alphabet Chart) 
       1CD- 20首英文兒歌 (20 English Children songs CD)  

  1.三語教學單字 - 廣東話,英語和國語。
1. 彩色可愛的圖案,配合中英文名稱對照,讓幼兒快樂的從圖片學習認知。
2. 共收錄日常生活605組中英文單字,包括常見動物、食物、交通工具等24大類中英文單字。
3. 附有活潑的問題集、互動遊戲,以及各種音效,吸引小朋友學習。
4. 小朋友握筆在圈圖內點出聲音,可以訓練視覺、手部運動、聽覺與腦力發展,加強手眼協調能力。

Reading Pen with Book Set (upgrade version)

Product Includes:

  1. 1 Picture book
  2. 1 reading pen
  3. 1 alphabet chart
  4. CD with 20 English children's songs

Suitable for children ages of 4-8. Learn 2-3 languages through games.

Product Features:

  1. Trilingual teaching vocabulary in Cantonese, English and Mandarin.
  2. Interactive games - fun quiz games to enhance learning interest.
  3. Hand-eye coordination - reading with a pen in hand enhances sensory integration.
  4. All-round learning - listening, speaking, reading and seeing all-round.
  5. Colorful and lovely patterns, with the comparison of Chinese and English names, lets children happily perform cognitive learning.
  6. A total of 605 groups of Chinese and English words in daily life are included, including 24 categories of Chinese and English words such as common animals, food, and means of transportation.
  7. With lively problem sets, interactive games, and various sound effects, it attracts children to learn.
  8. Children hold a pen and point out sounds in the circle, which can train vision, hand movement, hearing and brain development, and strengthen hand-eye coordination.